i’m becky joy, but you can call me B.


The Greek word poiēma (poy'-ay-mah), meaning workmanship or work of art, is at the heart of my business and the reason I’m inspired to create. I truly believe your story is a work of art worth documenting, full of beauty just waiting to be captured. Since every love story is one of a kind, I don’t think they all should be captured in the same, cookie cutter, way. Your story deserves time, thought, and attention. Whether your love is full of small, tender moments or bold, heart-felt emotions, I want to capture the way your love feels. My hope is when you look back on your photos you will remember how you felt that day, what made you fall in love, and how your story began.


I got married on October 21, 2018 to my best friend, James (he’s the babe standing next to me). One of the things that brought us together was our love for creating, and we spent our first date together driving around Portland taking photos. We enjoy eating way too many carbs together (for real it’s a problem-send help), finding new coffee shops to hang out at, and nerding out over board games. I’m not what people would call a “crazy cat lady”, but if you gave me a handful of kittens I’d be pretty darn happy. If you know me, you know I’ll never say no to a maple bar, banana bread is my secret weapon, and sarcasm is the way to my heart. Also, I 100% wear my emotions on my sleeve and, without a doubt, will be the one bawling my eyes out at your wedding. The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places in the world, but I love traveling and discovering the beauty of new places, too. My photo journey began in college when I started doing street photography, and I’ve been in love with documenting life’s real, honest moments ever since. You’ll find my work has a more documentary and journalistic approach because of this. But enough about me. Fill out my contact form below and get in touch; I want to hear about you!


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