That's Darling


Through a last minute turn-of-events, this past weekend I ended up being able to go to Darling Magazine's photography workshop in San Louis Obispo, California. I never would have dreamed it would have been possible, yet there I was, standing at gate C9, carry-on in hand, ready (or not) to board my plane. I had questioned my decision so many times, but I realized, when it came down to it, the only real things keeping me from stepping forward were fear and that not-good-enough voice inside my head. Insecurity and doubt are something, I guarantee, every person battles at one point or another. And I almost let mine get the best of me, but I have this thing I do. If the only excuse I can come up with for not doing something is fear, I make myself do that very thing (obviously within reason please don't make any frantic dives off cliffs anytime soon). So I made myself step out of my oh-so-favorite comfort zone, and in return, I experienced a darling-filled weekend, full of learning and making and delicious-food-eating. It wasn't what I expected by any means, but it wasn't anything less than what God had planned for me. So here are some shots from two of the shoots I did over the weekend, one being of the beautiful Eromomen, and the other being some product shots I got to experiment with. Whether our stepping out immediately brings us joy and positive results, or it makes us grow and challenges us in unexpected ways, I think we all should be doing a little more of that and a lot less of the whole giving into fear thing. I'm proud of myself for doing something new, something I was afraid to do, and investing in my future. What will you do today that requires courage?


"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."

-Denis Waitley